Google Mobile Services and ProDVX

This article details how Google Mobile Services relates to ProDVX and our devices. It outlines what constitutes Google Mobile Services, its relation to Android, and how both Android and GMS relate to ProDVX devices. 

What is Google Mobile Services (GMS)?

At the core, it is a collection of applications and services by Google which come preinstalled on GMS-certified Android devices. These apps are all Google-owned apps that most people are already familiar with, such as Google Play Store, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail and others. GMS is something different from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and only licensed manufacturers can preinstall the applications that are associated with GMS. On the other hand, AOSP is open-source as its name suggests, and is publicly available and does not require certification by Google.

Android at ProDVX

Android is an open-source operating system by Google for mobile devices and initially introduced for smartphones and tablets but due to its popularity and user adoption, Android has now extended its support for other smart device spaces like wearable, automotive and enterprise. The major reasons for its popularity are, it is open-source, the regular updates, periodic OS optimization, and development support from Google. ProDVX has been using the Android operating system for many years in professional devices and has now introduced the first enterprise model with GMS certification. Most of our devices still use the open-source version of Android, but the introduction of the APPC-10SLBe means that we now offer both AOSP and GMS devices.

How is the Android Operating System related to GMS?

At ProDVX we use the Android Open Source Project for the majority of our devices. These models all have specific features, built inside the AOSP versions for the individual ProDVX models. These devices are completely independent of our GMS devices. GMS and AOSP exist next to one another, GMS does not replace AOSP or vice versa. 

Device Security with GMS Certification

In order to get our devices GMS-certified, several compatibility tests and processes designed by Google, needed to be passed. This brings our devices under the umbrella of Google Play Protect, giving our devices an extra protective layer. As a result, our devices provide a secure professional digital environment and are continuously updated with the latest security updates. On our devices with GMS certification, the device fingerprint will be registered with Google and the same will be seen in the Google Play store setting menu underplay protect certification tab as shown in the below image.

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