Cleaning your ProDVX products

These guidelines ensure that your digital signage displays are clean and safe to use. Strictly follow these guidelines for the correct cleaning method of your ProDVX devices. 


Items needed

  • Disposable gloves
  • Non-abrasive cloth or wipe
  • Disinfectant or ProDVX Pro-Screen Cleaner (Isopropyl alcohol <70% alcohol or 1: 100 bleach: water solution)


Cleaning process

  • First, turn off the power of the display and remove any attachments like power supply, USB drives, etc. 
  • Make sure you use disposable gloves when cleaning your displays to avoid contact with bacteria and the chemical substances of the disinfectant. 
  • Dampen a new clean, non-abrasive cloth or wipe with a disinfectant (Isopropyl alcohol <70% alcohol or 1: 100 bleach: water solution), or ProDVX Pro-Screen Cleaner. Ensure excess liquid is squeezed from the cloth. Make sure no liquids get inside the unit.
  • Disinfect the surface by wiping the cloth or wipe in a circular motion, ensuring the cloth comes into contact with the entire surface of the screen. 
  • Wash hands after cleaning your display and allow the screen to dry before turning the power back on. 

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