Available Operating Systems on ProDVX Hardware

ProDVX devices support a wide variety of operating systems. We have devices for Android, Windows, Debian and Ubuntu. 

All of our APPC-series devices run Android 9, with the exceptions of the APPC-7XPL, APPC-7XPLN and the APPC-17EL which run Android 8.1. Furthermore, the APPC-10SLBe supports Android 11. These Android Panel PC's also support Debian 9. Our range of Android Box PC's also runs Android 9, but supports Debian 10 next to its default Android configuration. Lastly, our range of UltraWide Signage Displays runs on Android 8.1.

The IPPC-series contain a number of Intel Panel PC's that run on Windows 10 Enteprise IoT. In addition, the IPPC-10SLB supports Ubuntu 18.04 next to its standard Windows configuration.  

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