How to use the Pogo Pins on your ProDVX Device

There are a range of available peripherals that can be connected to ProDVX devices through the use of the pogo pin connectors.

We offer an external NFC module that can be mounted onto the pogo pin connectors on our hardware. This NFC module is the Chilitag C325. Please be aware that some of our devices contain an internal NFC module, which disables the use of an external one. The internal NFC reader used is the NXP PN553. The ProDVX devices that contain an internal NFC reader can be identified by the "N" in the product name. For example, the APPC-10SLBor APPC-10XPLN. A notable exception to this rule is the APPC-10SLBe, which does contain an internal NFC module. 

In addition, we can also provide you with a 2MP camera module and a 2D barcode scanner module that can also be connected through the use of the pogo pin connectors. The model of the barcode scanner is the Marson MT82AG. 


The user manuals and SDK files can be found in the Downloads section of the portal. 


How to connect an external pogo pin module to your ProDVX device:

  • Align the device with the pogo pins and press it gently
  • Take the 2 screws that are part of the external device (barcode scanner or NFC reader) and screw it in place so the device is properly seated.

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