Advised ProDVX Devices for Digital Signage

Digital signage can be described in simple words as providing information to the end user at the decision point. The decision made also depends on the adequacy, simplicity and relevance of this information. Any digital signage project is a carefully thought-out combination of equipment, technology, software products and content. We can divide digital signage into three main categories:

1. Simple digital signage solutions, where information is provided from a single source (like USB or SD card). This solution offers image or video content that plays in a loop. An example of this solution could be a display at the reception that shows images of the facilities or the menu of a restaurant. For instances where this type of digital signage is required, we advise the use of our Signage Displays and UltraWide Signage Displays.

2. The next type of digital signage is a network of displays that is united into one network and plays scheduled advertising or promotional content in the form of videos or images. An example of this solution can be displays in a supermarket that show scheduled advertisements based on the time of the day, availability of products, or promotions of the day. In case the customer requires a complex network of devices that display scheduled advertising or promotional content, we offer all-in-one panel PCs of various sizes based on the Android and Windows operating systems and media-players based on Android. In this case each element of the network can be assigned a digital signage software license and become part of the network. 

Please note that we closely co-operate with various digital signage software companies. You can check the list of our software partners under the following link: software partners

3. The third type of digital signage is interactive digital signage that is either united into one network or stand alone. For example, an interactive kiosk in a store that acts as a digital catalogue in combination with scheduled advertising promotions. For situations that require an interactive digital signage solution, ProDVX offers a wide range of interactive all-in-one panel PC of various sizes based on the Android and Windows operating systems. Our devices can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be united into one network. Our APPC and IPPC product ranges are most suitable for these solutions. 

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